Congressman Pass the Bill

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Part One

Banong Legaspi was a very busy congressman who spent most of his time at conventions during the day. His nights were just as busy catching up on paperwork in his office. He was usually there until midnight.

His wife, Mirasol, was equally busy with her career and usually spent her free time going to spas,playing majong and traveling with her sister. Banong and Mirasol had a few phone conversations each week but they never saw each other. She seemed happy traveling and he was too busy to even think about taking time off to meet up with her somewhere.

For the most part Mirasol was happy with the marriage, she really didn’t want kids and sex to her was not a priority. This made Banong feel sad. He wanted to make love to the woman he married and loved but she wasn’t really into it.The Congressman has a bad breath. He kept himself busy with work to compensate for his lack of sex.

Recently, one of his staff members had been coming on to him and he liked the attention. Her name was Mariposa. She had worked in the same office for about 5 years and always made an effort to stop by and say hello to Banong.

Banong noticed in the last month she had been flirting more with him and wearing sexier clothes to work. She came into his office before leaving work a few times to say goodnight to him. One time she blew him a kiss. Another time he was sure she undid a few extra buttons on her blouse before she came in his office to say goodbye. He knew he wasn’t dreaming when she put her leg up on his coffee table to “fix her shoe” and gave him a glimpse up her short skirt. He found her very sexy.

Banong was working late as usual and went to get some coffee. He turned around and saw Mariposa standing by his desk. “Hey Mariposa,” he said smiling. “Did you forget something?”

“I thought you might like some dinner.” she said taking off her coat. She had on a short flowing skirt and a sleeveless blouse. She dished up a plate of Chinese food for both of them and they talked and laughed and flirted.

Banong could feel his cock twitching and throbbing as he watched her clean things up. She was so sexy. “Well, I’ll let you get back to work Congressman.” she said as they stood up and walked to the door.

“Thanks, M.” Banong said in a low voice.

Before he knew it, she was rubbing his cock through his pants. “I couldn’t help but notice.” she said unzipping his pants. She freed his cock and slowly dropped to her knees. Banong moaned as she gave him a slow sensual blow job. After a few seconds, she stood up and they started to kiss. congressman unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked the clasp in the front of her bra. He almost cried when he saw her plump, round tits. Mariposa had no chest at all and never wore a bra because she was so flat chested. Mariposa¬† nipples were screaming to be sucked.

Banong groped her tits and sucked and nibbled on her nipples while Mariposa let out small moans of enjoyment. She stroked his cock and raised her skirt. Banong felt his cock rub her smooth pussy and he wanted to fuck her bad! She wasn’t wearing any panties and Banong slid her skirt off and took the rest of his clothes off too.

Mariposa led Banong to the couch where he sat down. She sucked his cock again and then slowly climbed on top of him and lowered her wet pussy onto his raging hardon. Banong spread her ass cheeks and pushed up to her so she could take in as much of his cock as she could.

The congressman moaned as she slid her wet, tight, hole up and down on him. He had never had sex this good before. Mariposa made her pussy tighter as she lowered herself down on him. Banong sucked her nipples and kissed her neck while she rode him slowly. Then she got off of him and turned the other way.

She lowered herself onto his cock again and leaned her back against his chest. Banong whispered in her ear and caressed her firm body while she continued riding his cock. He found her clit and began to rub it making her moan. “Oh God,” she said as she arched her back. “Rub it harder Sir.” she panted.

Banong rubbed it a little harder. “Like that?” he whispered in her ear. “Oh yeah,” she moaned as she rode him a little faster. “MMM, right there.”

“Don’t ride me for a minute.” he whispered making her stop her grinding. She stopped and he rubbed her clit harder and faster making her moan and squirm. He then used his other hand and took turns rubbing her pussy, alternating hands and making her pussy spasm around his cock. “Your tits look sexy bouncing around.” he whispered kissing her neck. “It would drive me crazy to watch you play with your nipples.”

Mariposa wasted no time pinching and rolling her nipples around in her fingers. Banong began to moan and rub her clit furiously until Mariposa was going crazy and soaking his cock with her juices. “Are you ready for me?” he asked panting as his cock was dying to ram her pussy. “Oh God Sir…let me ride you again!” she begged already grinding her pussy around on him.

In one split second they were on the floor and Mariposa had her legs on his shoulders. Banong moaned as he plowed her pussy as hard as he could. They were both moaning very loudly and Mariposa’s tits were bouncing violently, driving Banong over the edge. “Come with me Sir.” Mariposa panted as she let out a loud orgasmic moan. A few more slams and the Congressman shot a hot, powerful load that made him moan like he had never moaned before. He was shaking as he felt his cock began to slowly lose it’s hardness.

He collapsed on the floor beside her, feeling his heart pounding in his chest. “That was amazing.” he said catching his breath. “I can’t believe that just happened.” she said giving him a very passionate kiss.

Mariposa then got up and got dressed. “I’ll let you get back to work.” she said getting ready to leave. “Um, yeah…work,” Banong said laughing as he got up and put on his clothes. “I need to work.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” she said with a smile as she grabbed her coat.
“Yeah, bright and early.” he said still trying to absorb what the hell just happened.

Mariposa gave him a kiss on the cheek and trotted out of his office. Was this ever going to happen again? congressman was hoping so.


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