Congressman Pass the Bill—-3

October 23, 2008 at 6:21 pm 4 comments

Part Three

When the porno started they all started watching the scene. Mirasol looked over at her husband and from across the room she could tell his cock was getting hard and starting to bulge against his jeans. That with the combination of the movie, the booze and Teresita”s fabulous tits in plain sight was really starting to make Mirasol horny. She started thinking back to the shower they had shared earlier and before she knew it her hand was in her cutoffs. She looked over at Teresita she smiled and did her one better and took off her shorts and her panties. Mirasol laid back on the couch and placed one smooth leg across Teresita’s lap.

Mirasol spread her legs and started rubbing Teresita’s clit. She moved her leg and moved up her body until they were face to face. Mirasol smiled and then bent down and kissed her. Teresita kissed her back and what started as a tease for Banong quickly turned into an all out tonguing match. Banong came quickly to their side to get a closer look and asked his wife if she wouldn’t be more comfortable without her shorts. Mirasol looked at Teresita! and she said she wanted me to take them off too. So, She leaned up to her knees and unbuttoned the top button. Banong’s fingers were there to help her with he rest. Mirasol looked back over at Teresita. She had one hand squeezing her own nipple and another rubbing her clit. By this time, Banong had removed Mirasol shorts and groaned when he saw she hadn’t been wearing any panties.

Teresita could tell just by looking at Banong’s jeans that they would be able to hold his cock back much longer. Mirasol raised naked self up to Banong and kissed him hard as she rubbed it through his jeans. Then she looked up at him and said you asked for it. Before Banong could ask his wife what she was talking about, Mirasol fell back to Teresita and kissed her wildly again,Teresita’s hands ran all over Mirasol body. She grabbed her tits and her ass and Mirasol lowered her face into her abundant cleavage. She kissed and sucked all over both of her tits and then flicked her nipples with her tongue. At last Mirasol took her nipples into her mouth one at the time and sucked on each one of them softly at first and then with more passion. She sighed and then gasped. Teresita’s hands were all in Mirasol  tangled hair. Mirasol looked back at Banong to see that he had released his cock from its torment in his jeans, and was stroking it gently.

This time Mirasol was the one with the naughty grin as she slipped down even further between Teresita’s legs and began to kiss her thighs and lick them softly with her tongue, Teresita sighed and moaned. Then without even thinking, Mirasol went straight into her clit and started tasting her with her tongue. Mirasol could smell her juices as they were starting to wet her pussy and that made Mirasol even hornier. Mirasol spread her pussy lips with her fingers and buried her head deeper into Teresita’s cunt. Teresita was moaning and thrashing, but Mirasol remained calm as she placed her fingers inside Teresita. First just one and then two and finally three fingers. Teresita turned and twisted as much as Mirasol would allow her to.

Mirasol was licking her clit furiously by now Mirasol wanted to make Teresita cum! All of the sudden Teresita’s thrashing stopped and Mirasol stopped long enough to look up to see what she was doing. When Mirasol raised he head she saw her facing Banong with almost all of his hard 9inches in Teresita’s mouth. Mirasol was shocked and she even surprised herself but the sight of it got her even more riled up and she went back to the business at hand. This time though she was licking even harder and faster and thrusting her fingers in Teresita’s soaked pussy to the same rhythmic pace. Mirasol could hear Banong groaning and sighing to Mirasol left and then suddenly she felt Banong fingers enter her pussy from behind. Morasol was the one gasping this time. When she did she could hear Teresitalaugh a little. But she didn’t laugh for very long. Mirasol rammed her fingers into Teresita and went back to working over her clit and suddenly Teresita stared to shake. “OOOO, I’M CUMMING,” she yelled. Mirasol smiled to herself proud of the job she had done, but kept on licking and finger fucking her. Mirasol slowed a little and then a little more until was sure she had finished. Mirasol looked up at Teresita and crawled back up her body and licked and kissed her tits and nipples again and then moved up to kiss her with her oussy still wet on Mieasol lips and tongue. “It’s your turn,” Teresita said as she smiled at Mirasol. “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable.” Mirasol suggested and led the way down the hallway to their bedroom. She turned on the bedside lamp, but it had an amber bulb so the room was only dimly lit. Then Mirasol positioned herself on the bed and Teresita put herself between her legs. Banong laid down on his side facing them so as to not miss a second of his fantasy as they played it out before his eyes. He leaned up and kissed Mirasol and then back to her side and started rubbing her thigh. Teresita kissed her tenderly at first and then got harder and harder, she even bit her pussy lip several times. It surprised Mirasol, but Mirasol just figured it turned her on more. Teresita then moved down to Mirasol’s tits and sucked on them and toyed with them with her tongue. “Aren’t they great tits?” Banong asked Teresita. She agreed which proved to turn Mirasol on even more. The congressman knew exactly what to say. He knew how much more his wife enjoyed herself when Mirasol knew the person she was with appreciated her body. Banong hands were now rubbing his wife clit very gently and occasionally he slipped a finger or two in to her pussy. Teresita was quick to move Banong though as she journeyed even further down Mirasol’s body, licking and kissing the whole way. When she finally put her head between Mirasol’s legs,Mirasol thought she was going to explode. teresita ran her rough tongue up and down Mirasol’s clit and then slipped it into her pussy and fucked Mirasol with her tongue for a moment and then was back to her clit. Teresita licked and kissed and bit Mirasol’s clit working her into frenzy. Mirasol reached for Banong’s dick. She wanted him to enjoy some of Mirasol energy. She took him into her mouth and sucked on his long pole as hard as she could. Banong’s pre-cum was starting to ooze and Mirasol licked up every drop. Moans and groans and sighs filled the room. teresita took a break long enough to tell Mirasol how good she tasted and smelled and that it made her horny to watch Mirasol suck Banong’s dick while she was eating her out. teresita then went back to her job of overwhelming her with her new technique. Mirasol asked her if she wanted her to tell Teresita when she was cumming and Teresita nodded her head.



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Congressman Pass the Bill—2 Congressman Pass the Bill—-4

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  • 1. secondlady  |  October 23, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    Kumare Kim,
    Ang susuwerte ang mga Congressmen, laging may pera, laging nasa abroad, at higit sa lahat hindi nauubosan ng eksena sa kama, hehehe. Sguradong puputok na naman ang kuwento mo.

    Mga bumibisita sa aming lahat na magkakasamang bloggers from our bossing Cocoy to all our friends sa ibat-ibang corners ng blogging world, ako’y nagpapasalamat sa inyong pagbisita at pakikilahok sa pagtalakay ng ano mang paksang naiposte. Mabuhay kayong lalat.

    Nagpapasalamat din ako sa mga sumusubaybay sa

    I have only one heart, I have only one face, I have only one sexy body. Modesty aside I was once crowned a beauty queen. But if I have to love I’ll see to it that you must be the lucky one, heheheh.

    Thanks mareng Kimuchi. I love you.

  • 2. Mer Pints  |  October 24, 2008 at 3:50 am

    Yahoooo idol Kimuchi I am here na. How are you my beloved friend. May congressman ka palang bisita. Puweding makahalik kay cong, hehehe.
    Cong. basahin mo day, may isang heneral na nagtayo ng beauty parlor. Pati siya day nagpe-pedicure at nagma-manicure na rin ng mga customers. Kaso may ginawa siyang milagro kagaya mo kaya hinabol siya ni misis ng taga, hubad pa man din si sir, hehehe. Ito po iyong link:
    Thank you idol.

  • 3. Banong  |  October 24, 2008 at 4:28 am

    Mukhang magseselos na naman sa akin si Manong Joe dahil ako lagi ang nakakatikim ng mga tisay at morena dito, hehehe. Ituloy mo lang basta see to it na hindi manglupaypay ang aking equipment hahahayyyyyyy.

  • 4. black sluts  |  October 30, 2008 at 3:28 am

    black sluts…

    black pussy…


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