Congressman Pass the Bill—2

October 23, 2008 at 8:08 am 4 comments

Part Two

While the Congressman just finished screwing  Mariposa, the sun had just set and a cool breeze was now starting to blow as is usual at that time of the year . Banong, Mirasol husband, had called and said he would be home from work shortly, and so Mirasol decided to wait for him out on the front porch. She was in her usual  attire cutoffs and a white t-shirt. She had been cleaning the house all day and she was hot so She had taken her bra off before she went outside. The breeze that was blowing was causing Mirasol’s nipples to get hard as they rubbed under the soft cotton of her shirt. She smiled to herself as she thought
that his husband the congressman may just get lucky tonight. She had no idea at the time just how lucky!
When Banong got home he joined her on the porch and gave her a kiss and let his hands wander over her tight shirt, and then in his most romantic voice, he said, “What’s for dinner?” She laughed at him and they were in the middle of that conversation when the phone rang. Banong answered it and Mirasol halfway listened to his “yeah’s” and “uhuh’s” as he talked. Then she heard, “Let me talk to Mirasol and I’ll call you back.” Banong came to Mirasol and told her that Teresita, the congressman kumarel, was at home alone that night. Her husband was out of town and she was bored. She wanted to come over and play cards or something. Mirasol had met Teresita a few times. She was a pretty girl with black wavy hair and papaya bleach skin. She had a very sweet personality and as Mirasol remembered was a little chubby, but not bad. But the one thing Mirasol remembered most about her was her enormous breasts! They were monsters. She had never really been totally satisfied with her 36C’s but these things were even more than she wanted to have.

She always wore larger shirts than she needed, Mirasol think to minimize them, but then again she was kind of a shy girl anyway, or so She thought!

She told Banong to call her back and invite her over and they would fire up the grill and cookout. She also asked him them  us some adult libations. Mirasol decided to go and take a shower.

While soaping up she heard the door open, and as she kind of figured and secretly hoped,Banong got in with her. He took the soap from her and took over where she had left off he ran the soap over her tits and down her slick tummy and then around to her ass. The soap fell, but the congressman was still groping her, his lips and tongue tangled with hers, one hand grabbing her ass the other full of her right tit. The hot water washed over both of them as they engaged in that  little bit of foreplay, and then Banong bent down to retrieve the soap. She looked down at him. He was face to puss with her, and even though she was standing under the hot shower stream a shiver went through her, because at that very moment he let his tongue explore the bare baby smooth outer lips of her clit and pussy. Mirasol closed her eyes and sighed. She opened her legs slightly and Banong went in deeper as his tongue flicking at her clit and then ran down to taste the juices that had started to flow from her now very wet pussy. He stopped abruptly and Mirasol looked down rather disappointed. “Later.” He said with a wink. Mirasol halfway smiled back and they finished their shower, but left other things far from finished.

When Teresita arrived they had almost finished dinner and Mirasol thanked her for the liquor and started mixing drinks. She asked her what she wanted and she just shrugged. “I’ve never really drunk that much.” She said. “Well what do you like?” mirasol asked her. Again she shrugged Morasol nodded and turned and fixed her a very watered down version of her famous whiskey sour. Banong took his straight up and she made Mirasol pretty strong. Teresita  smiled when she tasted hers and said she liked it. mirasol just smiled and thought to herself how fun it would be to get her drunk for the first time.

They ate there dinner and then retired to the living room. Mirasol refreshed everybody’s drinks making Teresita a little stronger this time and poured herselfself a double. Banong came back into the kitchen under the pretense of helping his wife and smiled a naughty smile that she only get when he has something dirty on his mind. “What is it?” Mirasol dared to ask. “What’s on your mind?” “You know how I’ve been begging you lately for a threesome?” Banong asked. How could Mirasol not, that was all he had been talking about lately, and Mirasol had finally told him she would do it mainly to shut him up about it, but also because she was a little curious. Mirasol had always been a straight arrow, and never really kinky. Don’t get her wrong she liked sex just as much as the next girl, but she had never really had any opportunities to do anything out of the ordinary. The closest she had ever come to being kinky was a night not long before that when Banong and her had not been able to control themselves and pulled into a deserted parking lot and he had fucked her on the hood of the car. But that’s another story for a later time.

“What about it” Mirasol asked “How about you and me and Teresita?” Banong asked rather excitedly. “The girl has never even been drunk before Banong, what makes you think she’d even be interested in a threesome?” Mirasol asked. “Because I asked her, the other day at work we were talking and sex came up and I asked her if she would be willing to do you and she said yes! She thinks you’re really pretty and said she’d love to see you naked.” Mirasol cheeks flushed a little. “Really?” she asked. Banong nodded. “Let’s not push it, we’ll just see where tonight takes us, okay.” Mirasol said not wanting to promise, but not wanting to completely count it out either. As she came back into the living room and gave Teresita  her drink, she smiled and patted the cushion next to her. Mirasol could tell she was already getting a little tipsy and smiled slightly. She took a big gulp of her drink. “Careful!” she warned. Mirasol made that one a little stronger. It’s great she said and finished it in about two more big drinks. “Can I have another?” Teresita asked. “Let’s wait a minute and see how hard that one hits you,” Mirasol said, “Then maybe I’ll get you another one.” “So what do you beautiful ladies want to do?” Banong asked, as Mirasol sucked down the rest of her drink wanting to make sure she kept up with the two of them. “We want you to take off your shirt!” Teresita said teasingly. Mirasol just sat back and smiled. She couldn’t have agreed more she loved seeing Banong with his shirt off. He was the strong muscular type anyway and lately he had been lifting weights again. Although he didn’t have a six-pack yet, he was well on his way and his chest was unbelievable and so were his shoulders and arms. Banong obliged and then asked what they were going to do in return? Teresita  told him they would take off  their bras. Banong looked at Mirasol and smiled his naughty little smile again. Everything was going just as he had hoped, maybe even better. He agreed and they both removed their bras. Mirasol nipples immediately became hard and stood taunt against her tank top. Teresita fell some, but you could still see through her thin shirt how massive they were, and Mirasol admit by this time she was ready to check those babies out up close and personal. She went into the kitchen to fix them all another drink. “Nice tits!” Teresita said as Mirasol reached over her to get her glass off the table. Mirasol looked up and Teresita was looking admiringly down Mirasol tank top. Mirasol let her right breast graze her hand and winked at her as she  stood up. Teresita just laughed and smacked her on the ass. Mirasol could hear Banong and Teresita talking while she was in the kitchen, but she couldn’t understand what they were saying. When Mirasol got back to the living room it was perfectly clear. Banong was looking through there porn collection and Teresita had taken her top off. “We decided Banong shouldn’t be the only one topless in here.” Teresita said ” He said he’d pick us out a good porno if we agreed to take our tops off too.” What the hell Mirasol thought. She worked out and had great perky tits and a flat tummy, what did she have to hide? So she handed them both their drinks and pulled her tank top off too. The ceiling fan was on so again her nipples stood ripe and at attention. She was the one gulping this time; Mirasol thought if this night got going any faster, Mirasol was going to need a little liquid courage.



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Congressman Pass the Bill Congressman Pass the Bill—-3

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  • 1. Susan_Ganda  |  October 23, 2008 at 8:35 am


    I can foresee a threesome in the coming of next story.

  • 2. Honeybunch  |  October 23, 2008 at 8:38 am


    What have you doing? We can not concentrating with our job here.Everyone are using the computer.The patient are all running away.I will not running a race with them.

  • 3. xxxkimuchixxx  |  October 23, 2008 at 8:43 am


    Maybe we ask Cocoy.This is his story that he is sending on my e-mail.I only posted what I recived from his e-mail.HIHIHIHIHIHIH

  • 4. xxxkimuchixxx  |  October 23, 2008 at 8:43 am


    Blame your tito not me.HIHIHIHIHIHIHI


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