Simon and Magdalena—-4

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Part Four

As Magdalena stroked Simon, He stroked her back. As she kissed him, Simon kissed her back. All under the soft light of an oil lamp.

Her nipples were hard and small, and Simon continue kissing and stroking her for long moments. he suckled her breasts for long, long moments, and, as he looked down on her body, hr noticed a slight protrusion in the middle of her pussy lips. It looked kind of like a dick but it wasn’t a dick; it stuck out between her lips and pussy hair like a jack-knife barely out of its handle. A very fleshy looking jackknife. Simon know now it was her clitoris.

Not being a fool, he noticed that he’s suckling of her breasts and nipples was making Magdalena moan, so Simon went down on her, kissing her belly and the area around her belly button as he went. Finally, he reached it. At first the sight of a clitoris popping out like that disgusted Simon. But, after a while, he found it highly arousing.

Simon began kissing and suckling on it the way he had done with her breasts. Magdalena  took in a deep gasp and asked, “Oh my God, what are you doing!? Simon;Oooh!!!! Ooohhhho!!!!! Ooooh!!!!! yah honey!!!!1,don’t stop now!!!!”

Simon began kissing and licking. He noticed that when he stroked his tongue against her clitoris, Magdalena seemed to get more pleasure. Her taste was sweet and tangy, and it made him pucker up at first. But, after a while, He could not get enough. Licking her pussy was giving her tremendous pleasure. Not only that, Simon figured, he was pleasuring the pussy which was to be the first to embrace his cock so, he took it upon himself to keep going. Simon erection was now iron hard; even though the taste was not at all appetizing, her scent, her taste made him very hard.

He stroked her breasts and ass cheeks as Simon liked her pussy, Magdalena’s vast pubic hair tickling his nose and his lips. Finally, Simon couldn’t take it anymore, and neither could she, “Simon, put it in me. Please, don’t make me wait, put it in me!”

Common sense told Simon it wasn’t in the place where people normally defecate (although later  as Simon grew older he discovered some women actually sought it out).

simon still did not know exactly where it was though, so Magdalena took hold of his big cock and guided the tip to where it was supposed to enter. Magdalena let go of Simon’s cock, and looked into his eyes, this time, with a look of hunger, and nothing else.

Simon held his shaft in place, and with a smooth thrust slid his long, thick shaft into her. Exquisite moist sounds took hold of the room, and he was deeply shocked at how moist she was. You must understand, Simon was an innocent village boy, not exposed to today’s pornography or erotic literature.

Her moist warmth overwhelmed Simon; Magdalena’s pussy was so hot, wet and tight. Ever so slowly he slid all the way in, a painful process as she had not been with a man for quite some time, and his dick is pretty big. When Simon had buried himself in her to the point where his balls where caressing her ass cheeks, Simon looked into her eyes. Where he was in pain, there was a look of satisfied pleasure on Magdalena’s face.

Magdalena reached for Simon’s head and kissed him. For long moments they kissed, until, she whispered in his ear

“I know you’ve never done this before, so this is what you need; pull it out, but not all the way, only as far as your little helmet, then, slide it back in, slowly. Get a rhythm going, and lose your self in me. I’ll be holding you close.”

Magdalena was true to her word; she wrapped her arms around his back, her left leg around Simon’s ass, and her right leg around his right leg.

Simon did as she asked. Ever so slowly, pulled out of her just to the point where only the fireman’s cap was in her, and then he thrust it back in. It felt so good, thrusting into her hot cunt, that it did not take long before instinct took over and he got a good rhythm going. The bed squeaked from his thrusting, and they were both breathing heavily. Magdalena stroked him with her arms and legs and not being able to take it anymore, and with strength unnatural for a woman her size she rolled them over so Magdalena could ride him.Yeeeeehaaaaa!!!!! Go cowgirl,Go!!! Go!!!!!!Go!!!!!!!

Magdalena was riding his cock viciously, slamming down as Simon watched it slide in and out of her. His cock was glistening with pussy slime, and he could feel some trickle down his balls. he squeezed her breasts, feeling her nipples with his thumbs, and he explored her body with his hands.

“Kiss me!” Simon begged.

Magdalena looked at him from her position, a look of tenderness and maternal love. Not so much maternal in a sense that it was incestuous, but maternal in a sense that all women have a sense of maternal instinct in dealing with younger males. Whatever the case.


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