Simon and Magdalena—–3

October 21, 2008 at 3:23 pm 6 comments

Part Three

simon was to shy to say no, and when Magdalena found out she was noticeably angry. She always got angry whenever one of the women made advances at Simon. She would scold them telling them that they were married, that they should have patience, that they have husbands of their own, etc. For this one she could do nothing however. Her name was Rosa, and she was in her early 30’s, and nearly as beautiful as Magdalena.

Naturally she saw her as her chief rival but could do say nothing to scold her as she had been a widow herself. Magdalena really did not want to share Simon with anyone though; virginal young men have always been rare, and naturally Magdalena wanted Simon for herself.

As Simon bathed, rosa asked, “Do you mind if I undress? I don’t want to get water all over my clothes.” Again, Simon was too shy to say I did. Then, she came deliberately closer, and his cock sprung to life. Like Magdalena she had a beautiful body and rich nest of hair between her legs, and a pair of full breasts. She had pretty long hair that touched her butt, a pretty little nose, and slightly full lips. Her lips where not as full as Magdalena, but they complemented her face. She pressed her breasts against Simon’s back saying

“Your body is so hard and tight, you don’t mind if I enjoy you do you? Ever since my husband died I haven’t had a man in me and I am going crazy.”

Simon could feel her soft melons pressing against His back, at the same time He could feel his cock become even angrier and more swollen, almost to bursting.

“Turn around,” she said in a gentle voice.

As he turned simon heard a gasp outside the door (they were being watched, by Magdalena no doubt) and Rosa exclaimed almost laughing “my you’re like a horse! And those balls are so round and big!” she further exclaimed reaching for them.

She massaged them gently giving his waves of pleasure, “If you let me go a little further, I promise you, you will feel more pleasure than this.”

Simon’s dick was dripping pre-cum, and he felt ready to explode

“How much further?” He managed to stammer.

“Well, you grew up in a village, and you’ve seen animals mate haven’t you. People operate on the same principle, in fact, I’ll guide you in.”

“No!” Simon screamed “Ah.I, Ah, I can’t!”

“Why not?” she asked indignantly “don’t you like me?” she said in a cooing tone as she pressed her tits against his chest.

“I think my body is responding on my behalf, but I can’t do this, I just can’t”

“Very well then,” she stated, “you can finish your shower.” With that, she dried up, got dressed, and stomped out.

Simon just sat at the edge of the tub, with a massive erection. he got back in the water and slowly lowered himself. Then Magdalena walked in.

“May I share your bath,” Magdalena  asked

“Sure,” Simon said.

At that point Magdalena wasted no more time talking. She undressed, got in the water, and came over to were Simon was sitting. She began kissing him, ever so tenderly, almost as if to console him for the harsh way in which Rosa had walked out, almost as if, she did it to make the pain of war float away, which, in those brief moments, those brief pieces of heaven, it did.

Simon squeezed her breasts and ass and stroked her body while in the tub. She had straddled him, but there was no penetration. Not yet at least. They continued kissing for long moments. She looked into Simon’s eyes, and He saw in them mixed feelings of hunger, lust and love.

Magdalena did have tender feelings for him and now that her husband was dead, the feelings of love she had for him, she was transferring on to Simon. Now, don’t misunderstand; Magdalena loved her husband. Deeply in fact.

Indeed, his death crushed her so much that she cried herself to sleep the day she heard the news. Now, the desperation, the loneliness, the hunger, in Simon she saw a way she could satiate her hunger for lust, love and affection, which Simon gave her readily. Their age difference was a non-issue, as it was a time of war and suffering.

So  there they were, stark naked in a batch tub, kissing ever so tenderly. Simon held her close to him, not wanting to let go. Her hair had the scent of mountain air that was fresh and sweet. Her nakedness kept Simon’s cock hard and angry.

After long moments of kissing, Magdalena managed to regain some degree of control and she said

“Most of the women are asleep and I have my own room. You can’t hear any noise coming out from it. Lets go there.”

With that, they climbed out of the tub. The slapping of naked feet could be heard as they went to  Magdalena’s room. Simon was treated to a beautiful view of one of the roundest and prettiest asses he’d ever seen. Without even bothered to dry up, they collapsed atop her bed. simon’s cock was resting on her belly, and his balls right on her pussy as they kissed. he had no access to sex manuals in those days and no one had taught him to make love,aside from looking at the dog having sex. What he did do however was follow Magdalena’s lead.



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Simon and Magdalena—-2 Simon and Magdalena—-4

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  • 1. Maria Capra  |  October 21, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    the story of Simon and Magdalena is getting interesting.

  • 2. Maria Capra  |  October 21, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    I can’t wait for thenext part of the story.

  • 3. colegialagirl  |  October 21, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    Ayaw akong papasukin itong si Segundina kaya dito ko na siya sasagutin.
    Hoy Segundina, sino ang nagsabi na ipinagkakalat kong galing sa Divisoria ang iyong mga Panty at Bra? Huwag kang magparatang ha dahil hindi ko pinakikiaalam ang underwear ng ibang tao.
    Iyong brief na sinasabi mo ay hindi sa akin iyon. Hindi ako tibu na nagsusot ng brief. Malinaw sa akin kung sino ako.
    Teka, baka sa iyo ang brief na iyon. Baka naman ikaw ang nagsusuot non.

  • 4. secondlady  |  October 22, 2008 at 3:33 am

    Mareng Kim,
    Galing naman itong kuwentong S.M. Ito iyong tinatawag nilang kakakapa-kapa ka hanggang magkapaan kayong dalawa. At kapag nakapa mo na ay, a ewan bahala na kayo sa susunod, hehehe.
    Gusto ko sanang magbasa pa, e nandito pala ang babaeng may dalaw ngayon kaya mainitin ang ulo. Bye Miss Walker.

  • 5. xxxkimuchixxx  |  October 22, 2008 at 9:04 am

    Kayong dalawa huwag na kayong mag-away.Babatihin ko kayo diyan kapag hindi kayo magkasundo.Wala akong pinapanigan sa inyo dahil pareho ko kayong lab na lab.HIHIHIHIHIH

  • 6. JoeSeg  |  October 22, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Kunyari, critic ako.

    Hmmm… ang eksena sa paliligo, akala ko sa nasa ilog o sapa sila dahil ang binanggit sa part 2, they’re in the mountain dahil panahon ng ponjap at mga guerilla na sila. Pero dito, nasa bathtub si Simon. Hindi ako makapaniwala na may bath tub na sa mountain noon. Pero OK lang, baka nga pambihira yong lugar, at saka, kwento lang naman ito.


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