Simon and Magdalena—-1

October 20, 2008 at 4:54 am 5 comments

Contributed and Written by Cocoy:

Part One

With bitter pleasure Mang Simon remember the days when the Japanese attacked the Philippines. There was a shortage of everything, and no one had the luxuries the modern generation of young men now have. Luxuries such as all kinds of gadgets, toys and such.

Truth be told he is glad for it; no generation should have to suffer what the young men of his time had to go through. At the tender age of 16, He lost his innocence when he killed one japanese soldiers during a foiled attempt of sabotage at one of their bases. The whole unit was wiped out, and he was the only survivor because he ran away when he saw the enemies coming.. That place that allows unnatural focus, animalistic rage, and a killing efficiency that haunted him nightmares for a long time after the war was over.  He was 20 when it finally ended. Many things happened over the course of a year, namely the killing of the invaders soldiers.

When Mang Simon was 15, the Guerrilla resistance had foiled the enemies attempt at taking our country, so he was only needed for logistics. He was a proverbial “water boy/errand boy” for the soldiers. However, at 18, all that changed. The USAFFEE were far superior soldiers than the Japanese; they were better equipped, better fed, and more disciplined. and their cold-hearted discipline, many of them felt like they were fighting a machine when Mc Arthur return, of which the soldiers where mere cogs. War is not something he would wish on today’s young men.

Fighting in a war is like something out of the worst of all nightmares. Everywhere they see death and destruction, friends they make soon depart from this world from a bullet by an enemy soldier, and they are forced to kill just to stay alive. They died for our country for the sake of protecting it.

All they wanted then, and still do, was to be left alone. Decades of fighting the Spaniards , and later the Japanese left a bitter mark on Mang Simon, The rest in peace, and many. The women, ever tolerant and resilient, did not seem to mind. So long as the family was fed, so long as we had clothes to wear, everything was fine for them. Not so for the men. National pride. The need for independence from Imperialistic rule. These things were meat and drink to “Better Runner” men who are still alive today waiting for equity act .

In truth, Mang Simon will not say he enjoyed killing the sick Japs who foiled their sabotage attempt. In the end, He realized the tragedy of the fact that everyone on both sides was dead except Him. All his comrades-in-arms were dead, and after the rage had subsided, all the guerrilla of Mc Arthur in the base were also dead. At that point it did not matter to Mang Simon what they were fighting for; all he saw was carnage and was overcome by a terrible sadness. In order for it to end, He knew, He had to help in throwing out the Japanese. A fact they all conveniently forgot whenever they murdered children and raped our women. It was during an attempted rape where he first re-encountered Magdalena, the platoon leader’s wife.

It was the fall of 1942 and as usual the war was going bad for their side. Although He was only 17, He had gained a reputation as a vicious and efficient killer, something Mang Simon will say,  he was not proud of. In fact, just remembering it shames Him. Mang Simon was under the care of Pepito, the guerrilla sergeant, who happened to be the leader of there resistance cell. They operated in and around the village and gave the Japs a hard time.

Since both of his parents were killed by Japanese bombs, When the kamikazee drop it on Dec.8,1941 Pepito took it upon himself to watch over teen-age Simon. He considered him the little brother he never had. Simon still remember, when he was nine, Magdalena and Pepito’s’ wedding. Magdalena was a blushing and virginal bride of 18, and he was the 20 year old handsome Pepito.

Four years later, the war started. Pepito was a man’s man; a man that woman loved, and that other men wanted to be. Although he was kind and gentle by nature, when the war started he turned to be a leader of razor sharp cunning. With only a rag tag group of villagers, the 28 year old Pepito led assaults which resulted in the destruction of vast amounts of artillery for the Japanese Imperial Army. One year later however, they captured Pepito. Simon  was not there when it happened, but He heard terrible stories.

The Japanese tortured him for days, and not to get information, but for the sheer pleasure of watching him suffer. Many had lost comrades due to his raids, and they were venting their frustration on him. Mang Simon heard, also, to his horror, that one of the prisoners that managed to escape, who happened to know the Bakero language, overheard the prisoners say to him; “we have fucked you up you piece of shit, now we will fuck your wife.”

Mang Simon had to do something. Somehow the enemy found out where Magdalena was hiding. Miraculously she had not been raped because Pepito had all the women hidden well in the mountain  that was only accessible through an elevator basket, one of those baskets lowered down by rope and winch. The evacuation camp was large enough to house the women in our village, and the women from the surrounding area hid in the cave .

The only way to reach the evacuation center was through that single elevator basket it had. Of course, the women had to come down often to gather food for storage and preparation, it was then that Mang Simon saw a horrible sight. Magdalena was stripped stark naked, and she was crouched on the ground covering herself while the invaders soldiers watched and laughed.

One of them lowered his fly and pulled out his filthy instrument. Lucky for Magdalena, It was a crack shot. Not wasting a moment, Mang Simon shot the fucker in the head. Unfortunately some blood splattered on Magdalena and she screamed. The other soldiers, after recovering from the initial shock, became infuriated and started firing at the bushes where He was hiding, all the while Magdalena was screaming in panic. She was not like the female snipers they had in there unit, she was not used to hearing gunfire at such close range. Nevertheless, Mang Simon had to save her.

He scurried around the bushes, creating distractions and making the Japanese Imperial soldiers fire their guns here and there. He used tactics Pepito had taught him, and they were well. Soon, the  Japanese had to reload, and that was his moment. Simon sprung out of the bushes and, while He ran, he was aiming his rifle like a sniper, keeping the rifle but firmly pressed against his shoulder. One after another, He brought them down. One, then two, then four, nine in all.

Nine men who all tried to humiliate Pepito’ widow. The other squad members were busy with there resistance fighters and were a little preoccupied. Though they were few in number, they were a lot smarter than the Japanese and much better shots. As a matter of fact, most of the guerrilla killed the enemy with head shots. Yes, they were that good, and their leader Pepito was no exception; in fact, he was a real demon with the rifle. Little wander the Japanese hated him so much.

Magdalena  was still screaming when it was all over. Mang Simon ran to her and grabbed her shoulders shouting “Magdalena, snap out of it!” After she pulled herself together, she looked at him and said “Simon! Simon!y ?…. Oh Simon !!!” she screamed and she buried herself in his chest and started sobbing, holding him tight. After the tension of the gunfight had subsideed, Simon then realized something he had forgotten; Magdalena, beautiful Magdalena, was pressed against his body, stark naked.

Mang Simon began to tremble, and He felt his cock harden and press against his trousers with tremendous pressure. he pushed her back, remembering the blood on her face. Mang Simon grabbed a rag he had with him and gave it to Magdalena. Then, with  he back turned on her, He stripped the corpse of a Japanese soldier who stood at 5’11 and probably weighed around 200lbs. He was a big fellow, and no doubt his shirt would cover Magdalena pretty well. The shirt had a little blood on it and thankfully it could cover Magdalena; she only stood at 5’7, so the soldier’s shirt cover! ed her up pretty well.

“You can turn around now,” she stated with a low monotone voice.

“I’m terribly sorry about… seeing… You…” Mang Simon stammered.

“Oh its alright Simon” she reassured him. “You saved me from those animals, thank you.”

“Not a problem,” he said shakily.

To be continue:

Will Mang Simon be able to have sex with Magdalena?


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She did it with brother-in-law Simon and Magdalena—-2

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  • 1. Colegiala girl  |  October 20, 2008 at 5:13 am

    Of course he will. And they will always facking (packing in Pampanga) each other’s things. I bet he wil.
    But anyway I left here a wrong key to my room. I need you badly coz I am hot today.

  • 2. Kumander Pipi  |  October 20, 2008 at 8:53 am

    Maganda itong kuwento mo.May action na parang cine ni FPJ.Kailan ba ipapalabas ang susunod na kabanata.

    Bilib na talaga ako sa style ng pagsulat mo at pagbuo ng kuwento.Baka madiskuber ka niyan ng mga movie producer,huwag mong kakalimutan na gawin akong bida para naman may maka loving loving akong iba.Tumataba na si kumander ko at unti unti na ng umaayaw si manoy.Hahaha!

  • 3. xxxkimuchixxx  |  October 20, 2008 at 9:00 am

    Kumander Pipi

    Si Cocoy ang sumulat niyan.Ewan ko kung kailan niya i forward sa in box ko ang karugtong ng buong storya ni Mang Simon.Hintayin natin.HIHIHIHIHIHIH

  • 4. KapitanKidlat  |  October 20, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    Malaking pagkakaperahan iyang pagsusulat ng mga bedtime stories. Gaya nang nasabi ko rin kay Segundina, ituloy lang ninyo ang pagpapalibog ng mga kalalakihan at kababaihan. Kapag may nabuntis diyan na matandang babae ay kayo ang sisisihin, hehehe.

  • 5. JoeSeg  |  October 22, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    Akala ko pandak at mukhang malnourished ang mga sakang noong panahon ng hapon? Sa kwento rito, almost 6 footer at 200 pounds. Heavyweight na yun, Baka naman one of the sumo wrestlers yun na nagsundalo. Tapos si Magdalena 5’7″, pambihirang height din yan ng isang dalagang bukid noon. Anyway, pambihira ring kwento ito. Basahin ko na lang ang mga karugtong.


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