Luningning sweet revenge—-5

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Luningning trudged home and put the whole experience as far out of her mind as she could. She wanted to get the house picked up before Mama got home from her weekly shopping. Not that there was all that much to do. She and Mama were very neat and clean and kept the old three-room house spic and span always.

Once the routine was set, it never varied. Every Wednesday, Luningning was met by Mister Calderon who drove her to the same house and repeated the same sexual indignities. She stoically endured for the mercifully few minutes and then they both dressed and he took her back and let her out, even repeating the same farewell each time, “See you next Wednesday, Luningning.” This continued for nearly a year, until one Saturday she was again helping her mother make preparations for a party at the Calderon house.

“Luningning,” Misses Calderon called to her, “Mister Calderon is out in the garage changing the oil on his car. Would you take this glass of ice tea out to him?” She handed the glass to Luningning and walked away, saying, “I don’t know why that man doesn’t hire someone to do that little chore. It’s not like we can’t afford it.”

Dutifully Luningning carried the glass of ice tea out to the garage and opened the door. “Mister Calderon, here your ice tea.” She saw his legs sticking out from under the car.

The car was supported by one screw jack placed precariously under the front cross member of the frame.
As he shifted under the car, bringing his upper torso out from under the car, he bumped the jack and the car fell off, pinning him to the garage floor. There was no sound other than the thump of the car falling off the jack and a great exhalation of breath as it settled on the pinned man.

His eyes grew wide as he tried to breath. One hand reached for her in supplication. His eyes silently pled with her to jack the car back up and free him. Luningning saw what was happening and smiled. “Why Mister Calderon, I does truly believe that you is in deep trouble! And I is just me to help you. But you knows what, Mister Calderon? I hates you for all you done to me! I guess I better tell somebody that you are dead! But we is going to wait, just to make real sure!” Almost a minute passed. “Bye Now, Mister Calderon, don’t you move now!” She sat the ice tea carefully down and walked away. The arm dropped and a hopelessness came over him as the world went black. For the first time, the only time, he realized what hatred this young girl had for him. By the time Luningning brought Misses Calderon out to the garage, he was dead.


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