Luningning sweet revenge—4

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Part Four

Then she did the only thing she could do. She put all fantasy aside and commenced cleaning house so it would look real nice when Mama got home. Her thoughts never strayed far from what had happened to her that afternoon. She kept reliving the ordeal over and over again, time after time. Finally, the housework all done, she slipped into her room and knelt and prayed. That did her no good either. For the first time in her young life she felt completely alone, adrift without an anchor.

The following Wednesday she slowly and reluctantly walked toward the Calderon’s house. A car drove up behind her and stopped. “Wait,Luningning, get in.” She turned and saw Mister Calderon there, leaning across the front seat, his sweaty face grinning. “Get in, girl.”

As if sleepwalking, she slowly opened the door of the car and got in. She sat as far away from her tormentor as she could; her knees pressed tightly together, her schoolbooks anchored firmly on her lap. She didn’t say anything.

Calderon didn’t talk either as he started the car and pulled away from the curb, headed in the opposite direction from his house.

Dreading the answer, she asked, “Where we goin, Mister Calderon?”

“Oh,” he answered her gaily, “Misses Calderon is having a garden club meeting. I thought it best if we don’t disturb her; wouldn’t you agree, my dear?”

Luningning didn’t answer, but just stared straight ahead. He drove them across town. He was silent for the rest of the short trip across town. They stopped in front of a small neat cottage. He turned of the engine and slid out, impatiently motioning for her to follow. She got out and followed him inside. She was resigned to the inevitable. She would endure the indignities this man inflicted on her and then go home.

This time he made her undress. As she stood naked in front of him, he undressed also. She looked at his fat belly set on scrawny legs. She shuddered and waited for whatever would happen next. He told her to lie down on the bed and bring her legs apart. He crawled up between her legs and buried his face in her crotch again. She lay there unmoving, staring at the ceiling, waiting for it all to be over. Mercifully it took a very few minutes and then he was back up on his feet donning his clothes and urging her to hurry and get dressed. She hurried willingly.

“Mister Calderon, if you likes to do that so much, why you don’t do it with your wife, she a nice lady.”

He shuddered at the thought. “Well, my wife is not as young and fresh as you are, Luningning. No, I definitely would not care to do that with my wife. She is not only fat, but almost forty five. Besides, the one time I tried it with her she got mad and wouldn’t speak to me for almost a month. No, we can discount that idea completely. Besides, I noticed that you didn’t react quite so negatively this time. See? I told you that you would get to enjoy it!” He smiled and drove he back to where he picked her up and let her out. “See you next Wednesday!” he called, as he drove off.


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