Luningning sweet revenge—-1

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Part one

Luningning was filled with helpless anger and didn’t know what to do about it. Ever since she started growing  them titties, her life was turned all upside down. Them boys at school would grab them and squeeze, sometimes so hard it hurt real bad! With her light  complexion and hair that hung down in close waves rather than tight kinks, she showed promise of a great beauty that took the best features or both her Chinese Meztisa mama and her Donald Trump look alike father who was once station in Clark. The cheap cracked mirror at home told her she was beautiful and becoming more so with each passing day.

It seemed them old boys just wouldn’t leave her alone! Eduardo Mondragon was the worst of the whole bunch, pullin’ his big old thang out and rubbin’ it up against her like that. People like him needs to be shot or have it chopped off or something. And that nasty Daisy was as bad as any old boy, what with her catty tongue and all. She was just jealous and mean because she was so ugly with that damned  flat nose that looked like somebody hit her with a big old ugly stick. Why can’t I be just a little ugly so people likes me?

The thought ran through her head again and again. I don’t acts all snobby and all. Why don’t people just see what I gots inside? They keep saying I try to look white. Well, I wish I could pass and not have all this  shit come down on me!

She reached her destination, the big  house where her Mama worked for the Calderons. She walked around to the back door and knocked. She heard the sound of approaching footsteps and Mister Calderon opened the door. Oh shit! She thought to herself.

“Why Luningning, my dear,” he greeted her, “What a pleasant surprise! I suppose you have come to help your mother do the outside windows!” The fat, short, balding lawyer stood in front of her, openly looking her up and down just like she was a prize horse for sale. His greedy stare made her feel all dirty inside.

Perspiration beaded his forehead and great wet patches showed on his shirt where he perspired heavily even though the day was in no way hot. She got a nasty, squirmy feeling in the pit of her stomach as she felt his eyes roam all over her body.

“Hello,Konsehal, is my mamma here? I suposed to help her wash the outside windows.” She kept her eyes looking down at her feet so she couldn’t see his leering face. ‘Sides, some old folks got all surly if a fair colored looked ‘em straight in the eyes.

“No, my dear, she and Misses Calderon have gone to deliver some stuff and things for the upcoming church raffle events, They’ll be right back. You just come on in and wait, they’ll be right back.” He stepped back and held the door open for her.

Reluctantly she entered the cool interior of the house. She wanted to refuse but didn’t dare. He closed the door and immediately placed a hand on one cheek of her rear end. He gave it a little squeeze and she twisted out of his grasp. “Oh no, Mister Calderon, you hadn’t ought to do that. It ain’t right!” She backed away from him and kept backing until she came up against the wall.

He followed her and grabbed a breast as soon as she couldn’t retreat any further. “It’s okay, my dear! I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Just let me have a little feel! See, it doesn’t hurt a bit and you’ll soon grow to like it! His other hand reached down and grabbed her crotch. Then he reached up under her dress and began to fondle her in a way no person had ever done before.

He slipped a finger up inside her where it met a resisting barrier. She slipped sideways and tried to get away. “Please, Mister Calderon! Please don’ do this! It ain’t nice. You doing a real bad thing. Please don’t!” she moved sideways until she was in a corner and no way left to go. “She stood there, head down, tears of shame and frustration rolling down her cheeks. “Oh please don’t do this, please, Mister Calderon,
Please!” He continued to fondle her.

“Mister Calderon, if you don’t stop this, I gonna tell my mamma!”

He was breathing heavily as her told her, “Why, you don’t want to do that, my dear, then I’d have to let your mother go and she would no longer have a job. And I’d make certain nobody would ever hire her again in this town. You just relax and enjoy it!” He dropped to his knees and brought his head up under her dress and began to feverishly lick her.

Resigned to the circumstances she found herself in, she stood there, unmoving and permitted herself to be used by this ugly man she now hated passionately. She stood there, legs apart, his fat, sweaty face buried in her crotch. She stood there silently and waited for the ordeal to be over. A firm resolve began to form in her breast as she waited for him to finish. If he could have read her mind, he would not have felt so passionate.

After a few minutes that had seemed like hours, he stopped and labored to his feet. “There, now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Why, before long you’ll learn to like it! They all do!”

She didn’t answer, but turned away and slowly walked outside, her fifteen-year-old heart filled with a terrible rage. I gonna get my revenge on you, she silently swore to herself. I gonna makes you wish you never heard of me! Her soft, full lips firmed with terrible resolve. That old ugly man was going to pay and how! This she knew from deep in her heart. Oh I gonna make you pay real bad! She waited for her mother and Misses Calderon to get back.

As soon as they returned, Mama got out the ammonia and the soap and the vinegar and a pile of old newspapers and they set to work. Because of her weight, Mama couldn’t climb up a ladder to wash the outsides of the many windows on both floors of the Calderon house. Luningning leaned the rickety old ladder up against the house so that the top of the ladder rested on the upper part of the window frame. She then reached through the rungs and applied  soapy water laced with ammonia with a natural sponge. The fumes stung her eyes and nose. That was just as well because she had started to silently cry again. She didn’t want Mamma to see.

To be continue


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From Maningning with Love Luningning sweet revenge—-2

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  • 1. cocoy826  |  October 17, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    very nice and interesting to read,Can’t wait for the next continuing part.Hehehehe!


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