Congressman Pass the Bill—-4

Part Four

Only a few minutes after Mirasol yelled out that she was cumming. Teresita kept her head between Mirasol’s legs and moved her tongue to her pussy and caught every last bit from her.

Teresita sat up on her knees and asked Banong if he wanted to taste his wife. Banong said yes and started to move to go down on his wife when Teresita caught him and tongued him hard. “Oops,” she said sensing Banong’s surprise. “You don’t mind do you Honey?” Teresita asked . “Not at all Mirasol said with a smile. After Banong sucked the remaining cum from his wife, Teresita kissed him again and she licked Banong lips to get all of cum into his mouth. (more…)


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Congressman Pass the Bill—-3

Part Three

When the porno started they all started watching the scene. Mirasol looked over at her husband and from across the room she could tell his cock was getting hard and starting to bulge against his jeans. That with the combination of the movie, the booze and Teresita”s fabulous tits in plain sight was really starting to make Mirasol horny. She started thinking back to the shower they had shared earlier and before she knew it her hand was in her cutoffs. She looked over at Teresita she smiled and did her one better and took off her shorts and her panties. (more…)

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Congressman Pass the Bill—2

Part Two

While the Congressman just finished screwing  Mariposa, the sun had just set and a cool breeze was now starting to blow as is usual at that time of the year . Banong, Mirasol husband, had called and said he would be home from work shortly, and so Mirasol decided to wait for him out on the front porch. She was in her usual  attire cutoffs and a white t-shirt. She had been cleaning the house all day and she was hot so She had taken her bra off before she went outside. The breeze that was blowing was causing Mirasol’s nipples to get hard as they rubbed under the soft cotton of her shirt. She smiled to herself as she thought
that his husband the congressman may just get lucky tonight. (more…)

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Congressman Pass the Bill

Part One

Banong Legaspi was a very busy congressman who spent most of his time at conventions during the day. His nights were just as busy catching up on paperwork in his office. He was usually there until midnight.

His wife, Mirasol, was equally busy with her career and usually spent her free time going to spas,playing majong and traveling with her sister. Banong and Mirasol had a few phone conversations each week but they never saw each other. She seemed happy traveling and he was too busy to even think about taking time off to meet up with her somewhere. (more…)

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Mr.D played Romeo—2

Part Two

“Excuse me, Mr. D”

He looked up, and to his shock, there stood Katie, that smile still shining.

” I was hoping I could talk to you about the reading?” her voice was so sweet and innocent it pulled at his heart strings, made him ache with desire.

“Of course Katie, did you have a question?” her smile widened, and she stepped around the desk and took a seat next to him. Renato  secretly hoped she wouldn’t see the starting of the massive erection she was giving him. (more…)

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Mr.D played Romeo

The school bell rang as everyone scrambled to find there seats. At the front of the room, Renato De Castro (more commonly referred to as Mr. D) smiled as he watched his students sit down.

“Alright everyone, settle down. Today were going to be discussing the reading assignment from last night, which I’m sure none of you did.” the class let out a nervous giggle, a confirmation that he was right, and his smile widened.Mr.D loved his job, he had know he had wanted to be a teacher ever since he was in high school, back when he was a young, awkward teenager. That had only been about ten years ago, but he had already been teaching for five years now. He was the youngest member of the faculty by at least six years, and also the most loved. He was young enough to still earn the trust of his s (more…)

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Dead Battery

Dan took a quick look at the map he had printed from the computer, confirming the exact location of his next service call. After visualizing the route he was going to take, he started up his engine, making sure it started without hesitation, and then he pulled out onto Main Street. It wasn’t a very far drive for him so hopefully the call wouldn’t be a problem and he just might make it home early. (more…)

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